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ENHANCE YOUR STAY IN DUBAI is a closed network (by invitation only) for Expatriates currently living in Dubai.


Apply for membership, or get personally invited by one of the current Members.


Browse what's on: get togethers, events, discussions, classifieds, activities, job posts, popular businesses directory, selected media content from your contacts, ... Discover the city from other Expatriates perspective.


Meet other Expatriates, attend events, share your tips, your passions and network with other fellow Expats living in Dubai, while discovering the best spots in town. Experience the local Expats' Lifestyle.


Learn from all the available content, experience, knowledge and advices that you will manage to get from our Members. Broaden your network, connect, and forge lasting bonds with other fellow Expatriates, while enjoying Exclusive Expats' offers. Enjoy your stay in Dubai.


Rate and review popular businesses, share advice, praise the best that Dubai has to offer and share your proven successful ways to avoid culture shock. Regroup Members for get-togethers and networking events, and develop the network by sending private invitations to fellow Expatriates. Grow your Expatriate circle in Dubai.



The Expatriate Experience is nothing short than an exceptional journey

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  • Get the best that Dubai has to offer
  • Meet fellow expatriates living in Dubai

The Goal

Regardless of the length of the stay, living in a foreign country is an exciting adventure that deserves to be experienced at its very best.

As a result, has been created with the intent to provide a private platform where members can reunite, network and share their passions.


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